“Up close, I saw how much peace a carrier bag gave to a baby.”

HI! Thankyou for visiting my site and nice to meet you. My name is Welmoed Jonker and I the Founder and Designer of Draagsack. I am involved in slow fashion and circular design, I have a passion for textiles and craft. Ans I enjoy working with brands or companies that have the same mindset about fashion as I do.

On my webshop you will only find items that are unique and also every piece is made by hand. With great precision the product is made for you.

My love for textiles, colors and prints has always been there and I love to look for a gem. I prefer to work with natural fabrics, because of the softness of the material and how it fits around the body. On this moment I work togheter with Enschede Textiel Stad & Atelier Naald & Draad Wij 3.0 @Overvecht in Utrecht. This Atelier is a social enterprise where people with a distance to the labour market work.

It is not possible to return your order. This is because all products are handmade and to avoid waste. The welmoedjonker brand is based on sustainability and its main goal is to not over produce, therefore all orders are made on demand. Which perfectly matches my point of views.

Have fun with shopping for a sustainable piece!

See Ya! 😉